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The claimable rewards will be calculated once the campaign is completed.


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The Alpha Launch airdrop rewards will be distributed from a total prize pool of 135,135 LOOT tokens. The amount of rewards each participant receives will be calculated based on their individual points divided by the total points of all participants, multiplied by the total prize pool. This ensures that participants are rewarded proportionately based on their performance in the event.

For example, if a participant earns a total score of 1,500, and their score represents 1% of the total score of all participants, they will receive 1% of the 135,135 LOOT token prize pool as their reward, which amounts to 1351.35 LOOT tokens. This method ensures that each participant is fairly rewarded based on their contribution in the event.

The rewards will be available for claiming starting from August 10th.

The rewards can only be claimed using the first wallet address that was used to register the account.

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