Lootex, the first decentralized NFT marketplace in Taiwan, launches a series of artworks combining generative art and interactive technology in 2022. These artworks will be featured in the NFT International Art Fair hosted by OneOffs. By interacting with the artworks, audiences can see the changing visual representing the integration of time and space, virtual and real. This reflects the theme “Butterfly Effect”, and comes along the “ukiyo-verse” was born, and it also corresponds to the fact that web3 technology will bring disruptive innovation to the world in the future.

Smart Mint for Smart Friends! 0 Gas Fee!

To celebrate the Lootex Smart Account Launch, we are introducing a 10k NFT PFP Collection, 100% generated by AI. Feel free to smash the button and become a 'Smart Frens' with blockchain. 😉

Wizadry ACG first-sale

Join Wizardry BC AGC first-sale and win rewards worth 500U! AGC(Adventurer Genesis Collection) - The highest rarity of adventurer NFTs in Wizardry BC. There are up to 10,000 of them, each with different appearances and only one in the world.*This is not investment advice; please DYOR.

Lootex Mighty Week

The Lootex Mighty Week has begun! Complete the following steps for joining the 1,000 $USD worth of prize pool, including Big Bear Syndicate NFT, Lootex Community Badge, and 10,000 $LOOT!

CryptoDooog Gen 2 (CDD2)

This is the Free Mint NFT for CryptoDoog's community building its eco-system on Mantle network.

Join Mantle Journey Rush Now on Lootex

Join Mantle Journey Rush Now on Lootex.

Lootex x Matr1x

Win 200U worth Matr1x BattlePass **Lootizen Only** Are you a shooting game enthusiast? Then you must not miss this blockchain shooting game that can be played on mobile! Rich rewards await you to win!

Lootex alpha-season

Join to Win iPhone 14 Pro! For celebrating our Alpha Season 1 Event, we have prepare a total prize of 10,000 $USD, which is equivalent to 135,135 $LOOT Tokens and up to 5 slots of iPhone 14 Pro. The exchange rate calculation took place on 6/23 at 6pm