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Ripples of the Universe (1/1)

Master piece from Pochang Wu 吳柏蒼 and Lien-cheng Wang 王連晟 This limited time auction will end at

  • 11:00 AM Wednesday 7/28 UTC Time
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A crypto-gallery exclusively for you, collect all exquisites now!

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⚡️ Introducing the latest collaboration with Mavo Studio

Teddy Boy NFT Manga Vol.1

Introducing the latest collaboration with Mavo Studio

"Teddy Boy" was an iconic comic series which published 2,335 issues in 28 years, with more than 15 film adaptions under “Young & Dangerous" series, grossed more than 1 billion TWD box-office in total.

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⏱ Limited Time Auction

Lootex Originals

Four pieces of art inspired from traditional Japanese art. Tom Sayers reimagined scenary of Taiko Bridge, Meguro, Tokyo in four different seasons. This limited time auction will end at

  • 9:00 PM Monday 7/19 Pacific Time
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BearNBear is a tribute to the digital collectibles created by anonymous artists, developers, and innovative algorithms. These 4,354 pieces of artworks are inspired by world famous art and events, recalling the inner artist in you.

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Collect and trade unique digital collectibles.

Gorgeous decoration and psychedelic style. My art works is mixed with Art Nouveau,Mixed media and New media art as Contemporary art.

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