Join Wizardry BC AGC first-sale and win rewards worth 500U!

AGC(Adventurer Genesis Collection) - The highest rarity of adventurer NFTs in Wizardry BC. There are up to 10,000 of them, each with different appearances and only one in the world.*This is not investment advice; please DYOR.

Event period (UTC+0):

10/6 11:00 – 10/10 9:00

Total Prize Pool

Complete missions to win rewards worth 500U

Eligibility for the draw

Only for registered members

4 reason you should join the first-sale

Get Adventurer Genesis Collection to win significant $BC tokens


Wizardry, the Origin of the RPG Gaming Genre

Wizardry is a 3D dungeon-exploration RPG series released in 1981 and more than 40 years after the initial release.

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Early access, early experience Wizardry BC

The high addictive nature of cookie clickers makes the time commitment small and the game can easily become a part of your life.

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Significant $BC tokens will be provided through the Adventurer Genesis Collection

You can earn the $BC token by playing with Adventurer Genesis Collection at the time of the pre-release.

About first-sale


Five days left! Join first-sale to get Adventurer Genesis Collection

The Public sale period is from 10/6 to 10/10, and this is your last chance! Join the adventurers in the endless depths of the dungeon to win treasures!

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Oct. 5 — Oct 10

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Oct. 5 — Oct 12

Gleam competition

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Win $LOOT & Adventurer Genesis Collection

Last chance! Join the first-sale to get the Adventurer Genesis Collection.

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The winner shall not specify the content of the prize or request replacement or cashing of the prize. The qualification for winning cannot be transferred or reissued, and is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. The organizer reserves the right to change the prize for an equivalent value at any time, without further notice.

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