CoM Attention! 10,500 MNT Giveaway 💰

Join CoM for a Chance to Win the Grand Prize Pool of 10,500 MNT!

*This exclusive offer is for non-U.S. citizens with Smart Accounts.

💰 Event #1 - 5,500 MNT for CoM Holders 💰

1 CoM hold = 1 lottery ticket;

Prize pool: 50 MNT * 100 slots, 500 MNT * 1 slot, Smart Frens NFT * 20 slots

The screenshot time/date will be announced on Twitter; Follow Twitter for the updates, before that try to buy & hold CoM NFTs as many as you can!

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🛒 Event #2 - 5,000 MNT for CoM Sellers 🛒

List your CoM, and sell it to earn MNT rewards! First-come, first-served!

Trade with Lootex SA and enjoy the 0 Gas experience.

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*Non-U.S. Citizens and Smart Account Users only

List your CoM, and sell it to earn MNT rewards!

You will receive 4 MNT when the listed item is sold.

  • Each sale must be over 16 MNT.
  • Only "Non-U.S. Citizens" and "Smart Account Users" can participate.
  • First-come, first-served until prizes run out.
  • Only sales during the event period will be counted.

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