Funnysandwich 鳳梨三明治

Ethereum Light
On Ethereum

Funnysandwich graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts with a master's degree in New Media Art. “Funny” is read similarly to the Chinese word for pineapple, while “sandwich” represents cross-domain integration; when combined as a brand name, it symbolizes how I aim to create interesting works unrestricted by topic or theme. I hope to make creations that fit this era the most by presenting my most authentic feeling of the present through my works.

LittleHouse - Light

No matter where the space is, human beings are continuously expanding their territory, discovering, occupying and building. Divide the area, this one belongs to him, the other one belongs to them, and expand outwards, upwards, and downwards. The space is cut, packaged and sold with its proof. Whether it is for conquest or curiosity, whether it is for resources or responsibility, there is no longer any way to stop the "expand-verse" of human beings. But looking back, where is my own "universe"? Is it in the endless cyber world, or the real world without belonging. There must be a house to hold my mind.

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