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ATI is an eccentric man who suspects his head has been opened up and reassembled by aliens and sent back to earth. Since his 2014 solo show “Spicy Panna Cotta Love”, he has been creating hoards of comical, lovable, healing cartoon characters, super heroes with no purpose, and unrestrained and uncultivated deception monsters. His paintings are brimming with symbolism, luring the viewers into his unique game of riddles. In his 2015 solo show “Space Wasabi”, ATI again brought these characters into his nonsensical narratives, blends of social critique and colorful fables. With a surprising bang of energy, reminiscent of Shuji Terayama’s tale of a boxing match, a song of the Blues charged with blood and sweat suddenly turns into a pink bubblegum fighting between young girls. ATI invites you to enter the his imaginative universe. ATI’s work reflects generation who was born in Taiwan, who have been influenced by television, computer games and cinemas, with this bathing of Taiwanese culture and foreign influences, ATI has developed a unique language in his depictions of scenarios and people.

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    已經不是第一次聽到:「如果快樂美帝進入元宇宙一定超酷的」這句話了,於是 ATI 推出一系列《快樂美帝》為主題的 NFT 作品,系列中有房間、海灘、山林、花園四個主題,呈現 ATI 獨有視覺風格加上細節彩蛋的 NFT 作品可說是今年 ATI 在暑假的實驗性特別企劃,請拭目以待!

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