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Nora C. is a Taiwan-based metaverse game concept artist with a digital art background. She enjoys depicting fantasy worlds of sweets and cute animals. Nora's goal is to create inspiring images with creative visual language, and she is devoted to bringing joy through her artworks. Her philosophy is showing your true color and doing what you like. She has been selected in Netflix Animation Art Program Finalist、Stockholm Fringe Festival - Installation Art and participated in The Sandbox Game equipment NFT design and multiple VR/AR projects.   The theme of this collection is "Sparkling": No matter where you are in the universe, your true color keeps shining and dazzling.

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In the metaverse, there is a legendary dancer named "Violet." When appearing on stage, she is always an eye-catcher.

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Glorification of the Sun Goddess

A warm and dazzling sun goddess keeps guarding gently the life that blossoms in the universe.

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Galaxy Queen of the Diamond Stars

A changeable queen of diamond stars wanders at the galaxy. She loves the stars and always makes her blessings whenever a new star is born.

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