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BOUNCE is one of the most famous graffiti artists in Taiwan who has been devoting himself in graffiti for over 16 years. BOUNCE is also the first Taiwanese artist to bring graffiti as a popular form of art to the international art stage. He began his graffiti life in 2005, and continually integrates different elements to his artworks. BOUNCE also created several signature characters like “BOUNCE Rabbit” and “BOUNCE MAN”. Each of them tells their own stories. BOUNCE will keep his path in creating artworks and try to use his talent to make this world into an esthetical place. 👉 BOUNCE's Instagram

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    Street Graffiti Series

    Graffiti is BOUNCE’s main spirit and the way to connect with the world. It all started from a sketch. Even though murals on the street could not be saved, this series uses the digital way to preserve the time, the space and the whole environment that created of the artwork. In addition, you can also collect the sketches.
    You can’t keep a wall, but you can collect a graffiti artwork.      

    BOUNCE x Dongshi

    Year of the artwork: 2015 Location of the artwork: Donshi Distric, Taichung City, Taiwan     Dongshi District is a suburban district in eastern Taichung, Taiwan. A majority of the residents are of Hakka ethnicity. BOUNCE used Hakka elements and Dongshi’s specialties such as Hakka printed cloth and persimmons into his graffiti. He hoped Dongshi District can be as flourishing as the good old days.   BOUNCE x Dongshi - Limited Edition of 3, 0.1 ETH each.

    Purchase "BOUNCE x Dongshi" NFT can get an airdrop of above picture in NFT on BSC network.


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    The Monster Nian

    Year of the artwork: 2018 Location of the artwork: Hawaii, United States     "The Monster Nian"" is about the monster of Lunar New Year’s traditions and legends that makes Chinese New Year the most exciting time of the year in Chinese culture.  

    The Monster Nian - Limited Edition of 3, 0.1 ETH each.

    Purchase "The Monster Nian" NFT can get an airdrop of above picture in NFT on BSC network.

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    Year of the artwork: 2016 Location of the artwork: Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan     It was a cooperation with Taipei Metro and Taipei Audio& Video Street. It is a graffiti that located in Taipei Metro’s building. Taipei Audio& Video Street is the most famous place that sell the professional audio and video equipment in Taipei. As a STAR WARS’ fan, BOUNCE decided to use it as his topic. It also represented the spirit of the street!   BOUNCE STAR WARS I & II - Limited Edition of 3, 0.07 ETH each.

    Purchase "BOUNCE STAR WARS I & II" NFT can get an airdrop of the above corresponding picture in NFT on BSC network.

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