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Petaliz is a grass-type Blockmon and heavily looks like a lizard. It has stumpy legs and a floral collar and are generally lively by nature and can be found in valleys.   This is 1 of the 3 original starters at BlockMonsters and is regarded as an obedient and polite BlockMonster. There has been breaking news out in the world of BlockMonsters about a shiny version that has been seen to be roaming in the mist of the shadows and it seems that only a few trainers have ever seen them. Will you be the first to find the shiny? better yet, will you be the first to capture it?   Petaliz will evolve into it's second evolution at Level 18. This second evolution is named Lizatoon.   Details: Height: 2'09" 0.7m Weight: 14.2lbs, 6.4KG Blockdex Colour: Green Evolution Stage: 1/3

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