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#018 - Mikado

Mikado is a fighting-type Blockmon and can be often seen as joyful and aggressive. This jumpy kangaroo has a slim appearance with a long tail with a pointy red tip. The whereabouts of Mikado is unspecified as they are often quite fast and will run away from any potential dangers in sight.   Mikado is an exclusive Blockmon and could only be obtained though participating in the whitelisted Pre-Sale which consisted of 1000 participating wallets. This event had over 600,000 entries and 100,000 unique wallets attempting to participate and was the second ever event at BlockMonsters.   Details: Height: 4'5", 1.21m Weight: 44.09lbs, 20KG Blockdex Colour: Red Evolution Stage: 1/1 (Max)

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