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Linkme is a cryptic-type Blockmon consisting of two metal cubes resembling dice, and a galvanized chain-like structure. This Blockmon has pink and turquoise markings, and can often be found near abandoned power-plants. Some say that it was leaked radiation that caused this Blockmon to evolve from pure molten metal. Some call it a miracle, some a mystery, whilst some call it a menace. It has a strong ability to suppress its enemies into a state of paralysis and can quite often be aggressive with no sense of remorse. Its chain gives it the ability to whip and whirl the metal cubes around, at times spinning up and down like a boomerang, giving anything in its way a nasty and painful bang!   In the decrepit old power-plants, hidden away from the bright and the sunny world of BlockMonsters, Linkme has been abandoned by its trainers multiple times because of its fiery and frustrating temperament - often being left to rust to death. As a result, this Blockmon has become relentless and destructive against any trainer and Blockmon that it encounters.   Linkme will evolve into Linkus - developing its cryptic powers and becoming an enemy to be feared in the world of BlockMonsters!   Details: Height: 1’1”, 0.33m Weight: 14.1kg, 31.08lbs Blockdex Color: Pink Evolution Stage: 1/3

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