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#016 - Blakan

This serpentine Blockmon has a vibrant orange and yellow compressed body structure and is a rock-type Blockmon. This Blockmon can often find itself enjoying its activities around humid caves and shallow ruins where few trainers ever visit due its extreme dangers.   It’s radiant reflective and sharp slit eyes often leave trainers oppressed and daunted. It has an outer shell protection made of onyx and slithers its way towards enemies to wrap its slithery body around them making it is impossible to escape.   There has been breaking news out in the world of BlockMonsters about a shiny version that has been seen to be roaming in the mist of the shadows and it seems that only a few trainers have ever seen them. Will you be the first to find the shiny? Better yet, will you be the first to capture it?   Details: Height: 3’8”, 1.16M Weight: 32.2KG, 70.98lbs Blockdex Colour: Brown

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