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A 3D animator who doesn't dare to watch her horror film creation. An An likes to create art that makes people feel joy and warmth. She has participated the film and television projects such as How to Train Your Dragon Album, Mayday Concert, Michael Jackson's Resurrection Concert, "Tea Gold" and "Curse" visual effects animation.   This series from An An is called "Halo"

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Sandbox Lady (Sold Out)

A mysterious singer who only appears in XYZ club, it is difficult for ordinary people to have a chance to see her halo.

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Golden Boy (Sold Out)

An extraordinary born golden boy, born with a noble temperament, He's also a hard-working person in private.

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Madam W. (Sold Out)

Madam W is a female CEO in the metaverse and NFT world. She needs more hands to deal with her busy work.

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