Lootex Land - The Mystery of Dragon Palace

Lootex Land draws inspiration from the most recognizable scenes of the Chinese masterpiece “Along the River During the Qingming Festival." Crafted meticulously to bring the bustling Rainbow Bridge to life with a voxel art style.

Event Period

2023/11/14 - 2024/01/09

Prize Pool

30,000 $SAND

Bonus Raffle Tickets

5 Tickets for Season 2 Reward Program

Now, Let's travel back in time together!

"The Mystery of Dragon Palace"

Play Games to Share a 30,000 $SAND Prize Pool

Completing all in-game missions to share a 30,000 $SAND prize pool. In addition to token rewards, Lootex is partnering with brands for live streams, AMAs, and more. We have prepared rich prizes for players to win! No hesitate, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient city during this Qingming season!

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Introduction the Featured Brand Store

Masterpiece, Game Gear and Fried Chicken


National Palace Museum Shop

National Palace Museum is one of the famous Museum in Asia, and they have won the Global Top 13 Museum in 2017; In this time's Lootex Land x NPM, we present a Treasure Trove of Art in Lootex Land together. Connect with history and culture as you acquire and interact with digital treasures from one of the world's most esteemed art repositories.

NPM's NFT Shop


AORUS Falcon Warriors Club

AORUS, known for its cutting-edge gaming hardware, brings a new dimension to Lootex Land with an immersive experience. In this time’s collaboration, players can engage with exclusive AFWC NFTs and step into a realm where the legacy of gaming meets the future of play in one of the most dynamic virtual spaces.

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Wat?! Fried Chicken Airdrop?

Damn YES! Come and meet Lootex IRL during the NFT•TAIPEI event period. By completing the off-line challenges, grab your S.Y. x Lootex NFT, and enjoy the free chicken in TW night market!

Gimme Fried Chicken

Other Events

Lootex Season2

Lootex Land Bonus Missions

Win another 5 Raffle Tickets

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Lootex Land Event Period

Gleam Competition

Win your Lootex Land POAP NFT!

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Lootex Booth @ NFT Taipei

12/01 - 03, Lootex Booth A-15

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Please read carefully!


If the winner is unwilling or fails to redeem the prize within the designated period, if the contact information is changed and cannot be reached, or if there are other reasons attributable to the winner that prevent the completion of the prize claiming process, it shall be deemed as giving up the right to claim the prize, and the winner shall have no objections.

The winner shall not specify the content of the prize or request replacement or cashing of the prize. The qualification for winning cannot be transferred or reissued, and is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. The organizer reserves the right to change the prize for an equivalent value at any time, without further notice.

Any third-party entity providing prizes, including but not limited to S.Y. Chicken, The Sandbox, AORUS, etc., reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the event. Official announcements, which may include updates on their websites and social media channels, will prevail for any matters not addressed in these terms and conditions.

Lootex reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the event, and any other matters not covered in these terms and conditions shall be subject to the official announcements, which may include updates on our websites and social media channels.