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Lootex, the first decentralized NFT marketplace in Taiwan, launches a series of artworks combining generative art and interactive technology in 2022. These artworks will be featured in the NFT International Art Fair hosted by OneOffs. By interacting with the artworks, audiences can see the changing visual representing the integration of time and space, virtual and real. This reflects the theme “Butterfly Effect”, and comes along the “ukiyo-verse” was born, and it also corresponds to the fact that web3 technology will bring disruptive innovation to the world in the future.

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    Ukiyo-e is a way of portraying people's daily life in ancient times. Back in the modern days, I observed the things surrounding me and my life, trying to present the various appearances of different women and connecting them with virtual and real interactions, just like those differences in reality that connected people and myself.

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    God's bonsai

    The potted plants(bonsai) in the painting are admirable, in which you can find the natural scene emerging. People who grow the bonsai give it different meanings, just like the butterfly effect: how we interact with nature, will cause a related appearance. The scene of nature appears in the bonsai, which makes people imagine that this may be the bonsai of the gods.

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    Those peaceful moments of daily life, again and again, stay still and quiet.

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    Envy love

    This work tells a love story.  The beautiful woman is getting old but she can't stop the time, nor can she change the fact that her lover has left her. The fire of jealousy filled her heart, and all the things were burned. In the end, nothing is left but sadness in the air.

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