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PenguinPunks are cool new computer generated NFTs you can buy, own, and trade! Exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Note: You will recieve WBNB after you sold. List your items here↗.

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This list will show the 250 most recently sold Penguins Note: You will receive WETH, WBNB or WMATIC after your NFT is sold.

Listed by Collections

Below you will find listings from different owners, grouped by items penguins are holdings. ~ What can I do with my PenguinPunk! You can set them as your profile picture, show them off, trade them or do whatever you want! A marketplace tie-up is already up on Lootex to trade your Penguins. Hold on to them and you'll be able to play our game with your own Penguin. HINT: Your Penguin might hold an item in it's hand, this will be useful in the upcoming game!

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