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BonaRobotics is a collectible NFT platform based on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Fight using your NFT robots in Bona Robotics arena and win money. The energy source is a major factor in the robot's abilities and levels. Will you be lucky enough to get your hands on a Nuclear powered robot?

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Nuclear cyborgs

The most powerful engines are amongst the rarest of BonaRobotics cyborgs. Will you be lucky enough to get hold of one?

Hydrogen bots

Advanced robotics proved that hydrogen is suefficient enough to sustain one of the most demanding robots in the market.

Petrol mechanoids

Old, but a reliable way to power up your cyborg companions.

Solar androids

Commonly used by green movement enthusiasts, solar technologies has taken over the world.

Wind robots

Electricity from wind is considered a popular choice, given it's simplicity and ability to charge over night.

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Note: You will receive WETH, WBNB or WMATIC after your NFT is sold.

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