Welcome to the Ukiyo-verse

🏮 A NFT collection with interactive tech and Japanese art style. 🏮

🦋 OneOffs NFT International Art Fair 2022 🗓 Dec 9, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022 🏨 W Taipei - Room 1718

Once upon a time, a butterfly flew by...

She wandered and flew in ancient Japan,

and she saw a wide variety of people.

Those people also saw this gorgeous butterfly,

and they found that the places the butterfly flew passed,

are gradually changing from out of nowhere...

Butterfly sprinkled neon pink powder as she flew by,

the powder somehow reuniting the time and space of

this world with the present,

so this place becomes a new universe---

That is call "ukiyo-verse".

Ukiyo-verse = Ukiyo-e + Metaverse

🌊 Lootex combines the art style of Ukiyo-e and interactive technology to create NFTs belonging to the Ukiyo-verse.

A NFT you can interact with

👆 By clicking different parts of the artworks changes the visuals and images, showing the integration of time and space, and the mutual influence of virtual and real.

Ukiyo-verse syncs with the real world

🌄 Look carefully! The sky color in the NFTs change based on your real world time zone. Make them the best art decoration..

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🏮 Meet the Artists 🏮


Curator / Artist / Developer We are a group of Artists geared with Curator’s eye and Developer’s brain. We can’t stop our Artist’s soul to act something bold and creative. We just can’t.


Artist A wandering youth from Taichung, was the art director of the NFT project - Katana N Samurai. Now is trying on various presentation methods of visual art.


Artist Ethan aims to inject new ideas into old traditions, and choose localized themes to reflect the care for the land.


Artist Jor.Yu, a freelance illustrator, her work shows a delicately decorated oriental style.


Artist Tuenhua's creations are mostly about the mountains and seas, the scenery of Taiwan, and those whispers from life’s moments.

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