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"Generally, people think the portraits begin with Fayum Portraits in 100 AD. Till now, current social media portraits follow the similar composition and style of a picture from Fayum Portraits, in which an upper body will be filled in the entire frame, and the specific personal characteristics will be emphasized in pictures at the same time.

Portrait painting is a welcoming way to keep the memory of the previous valuable moments and forever people in mind. However, we current generation are in a hi-tech exploding epoch, VR/AR/MR make the scene in past fiction movies becoming more and more reality, which mix the future fantasy and the current life. In some moments, we even doubt whether the future is coming. We have a clearer vision of the future than any generation, everyone has the capability to be a future prophet now.

The 100 Portrait Project aims to track back to the beginning of Fayum Portraits in 100 AD, and provide portraits 100 years before the ending of AD. In this way, “100 World ” NFT will be a forever valuable expression medium to contain imaginations of various industries in the future. "

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