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#111 - Stonk

Stonk is a Normal-type Blockmon. It has orange baggy eyes and is as soft as toilet paper! This Blockmon symbolizes trainers all across the globe who have paper hands and is often quite fragile both physically and emotionally!   This Blockmon is mysterious and has difficulty interacting with others and uses its paper arms as its form of communication often finding itself waving its arms towards the sky.   In comparison with other Blockmons, trainers can obtain this Blockmon on a different way FOR FREE. (WAIT WHAT!? FREE NFT?) Can you guess how?   Stonk will be automatically transferred to Blockmon Trainers, so it might be better to guess fast how you can make yourself eligible   Details: Height: 2'5", 0.73m Weight: 227gs, 8oz Blockdex Color: Grey

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