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Stonk is a Normal-type Blockmon that appeared from the depths of the soggiest of swamps. It has orange, boggy eyes and is as soft and fragile as toilet paper! However - Stonk is not quite as useless as it looks. Its long paper trails can wrap around its enemies to blind them - and even be used to suffocate smaller foes. It carries an intense stench from the rotting swamp it inhabits that is enough to make some Blockmons run away before they get sick and nauseous - and can leave trainers that get too close going green in the face and feeling a little funny!   It's a mysterious Blockmon that has difficulty communicating with others, and can often be seen waving its papery hands around in the air like a mad-man, seemingly frustrated by the obvious fact that those around cannot understand its strange mumblings. Stonk symbolizes trainers all across the globe who have paper hands and are often quite fragile both physically and emotionally. For those diamond hand trainers that hold on right throughout every day and throughout every night - this limited edition Blockmon is sure to be worth more and more as new trainers continue to pour into the Blockmon world each and every day in the hope of capturing them all.   Stonk was a reward to show our appreciation for the first MSNTR token stakers who staked their coins for 14 days or more before a specified date. This Blockmon is a limited edition NFT and will not be available to catch in-game.   Details: Height: 2'5", 0.73m Weight: 227gs, 8oz Blockdex Color: Grey

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