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A P2E Metaverse built on Proof of Work economics.

Zeeverse is now sell Eggs on Lootex! 🐣

Zeeverse is a game combine breeding system, buy eggs, envolve your ZEE, join PVP and PVE mode, fight with other players, or making friends with them! Even more, you can own your lands, mine resources and create players owned assets on Zeeverse. Sounds fun right?

The Sale will starts on 9/15, click the button below to make sure you don't miss it!

🎁 Reward of minting Eggs


Mask is a important assets from Zeeverse, With the mask of Zee you will have: 1️⃣ Access to join Alpha testing and get to experience all the joys of the Zeeverse before anyone else. 2️⃣ Receive airdrop of Zeeverse token in the future.

Now, if you buy 1 Egg in Lootex, we will give 1 mask!

You will be whitelisted in 24 hours after purchase.

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Check out the trailer of Zeeverse gameplay. With your mask, you can discover and have fun in Zeeverse before other players.😉

📱 Play on mobile click here 💻 Play on Web browser click here

About Zeeverse

P2E Metaverse built on Proof of Work economics. Dive deep in epic journey to hunt treasures, battle and evolve ZEE, loot from other players, own lands, mine resources and create players owned assets..

More information

Pitch deck

Explore investors deck and learn about our team and values upon Zeeverse is built.

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White paper

Decentralized Play2Earn metaverse. Economy backed by players progress. Vast collection of collectibles. NFT mining. Lands powered by creator community.

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Join Zeeverse Discord to meet more players and get the latest news!

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