7/27 minting starts

🔥 Xtreme Saga Fan Club is now open

Xtreme Performance Gear, a worldwide versatile gaming brand. It's now release 999 Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs for the Xtreme Saga metaverse!

🌟 Benefits for Fan Club Members

🏵 Members only lucky draw.

How to join? 1️⃣ Mint Xtreme Saga NFTs, the more NFTs you have, the more chances to win. 2️⃣ Register as a A+ Member, and connect your wallet.

🏆 Win 24K gold plated XPG gaming keyboard, 9 ETH and membership points.

More prizes will be given away in the future.

🎖 Earn whitelists of the second batch NFTs.

Click the button to see more infomation about the prizes and raffle.

Step 1

🚩 Mint your NFTs

Mint your NFTs to join Xtreme Saga Fan Club, and participate in the upcoming lucky draw, earn whitelists for the next batch.

🗓 2022/7/27 UTC+8 Minting Starts 🗓 2022/8/17 UTC+8 NFT Unboxed 🗓 2022/9/01 UTC+8 9 ETH Lucky Draw 🗓 2023/3/21 UTC+8 24K Gold Plated XPG Gaming Keyboard Lucky Draw

Step 2

👥 Sign up for A+ Member Club

1️⃣ Become an A+ member and connect wallet to get 300 points. 2️⃣ Claim 5000 points by purchase and reveal your Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs. 3️⃣ Earn prizes from members only raffle.

Note: Only A+ members who have NFT are eligible for lucky draw, so don't forget to register.

🛒 Buy/Trade your NFTs to get more chances!

Collect/trade NFTs, the more NFTs you HODL, the more chances you can win the prize! 🎁

🪐 Learn more about XTREME UNIVERSE

Expolre the Xtreme Saga in the Valorus Galaxym, join with MERA to travel throughout the galaxy.

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