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ATI is an eccentric man who suspects his head has been opened up and reassembled by aliens and sent back to earth. Since his 2014 solo show “Spicy Panna Cotta Love”, he has been creating hoards of comical, lovable, healing cartoon characters, super heroes with no purpose, and unrestrained and uncultivated deception monsters. His paintings are brimming with symbolism, luring the viewers into his unique game of riddles.

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Young Chien feat. Buddha's Palm

SOLD OUT Special collaboration — Buddha's Palm X Young Chien's NFT!

From Mavo Studio's popular manga "Buddha's Palm", Young Chien took inspiration and transform himself into a Buddha's Palm master. Owning one of these NFTs can redeem Young Chien's online/offline Physiognomy classes, and also vol. 1 of Buddha's Palm mange NFT!

⏱ Limited Time Auction

Ripples of the Universe (1/1)

Auction Finished, Sold for 1.00 ETH ($2,323.01)

Master piece from Pochang Wu 吳柏蒼 and Lien-cheng Wang 王連晟 This limited time auction has ended at

  • 11:00 AM Wednesday 7/28 UTC Time
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⏱ Limited Time Auction

Lootex Originals

Auction Finished

Four pieces of art inspired from traditional Japanese art. Tom Sayers reimagined scenary of Taiko Bridge, Meguro, Tokyo in four different seasons. This limited time auction will end at

  • 9:00 PM Monday 7/19 Pacific Time
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Drunken Fist 醉拳系列

"Drunken Fist" Reissue Edition is a limited copies NFT manga, reformatted as a full color, Chinese language, 34-page PDF file. Vol.2 coming soon.

《醉拳》 復刻版 NFT

註1: 此 NFT 擁有 Unlockable 的功能,唯有 NFT 的擁有者,可以將內容解鎖。要解鎖請至收藏庫內在 NFT 上解鎖。 註2: 購買後請至「收藏庫」,在 NFT 上點擊「解鎖」,簽名後即可看到漫畫連結。

⚡️ Introducing the latest collaboration with Mavo Studio

Teddy Boy NFT Manga Vol.1

Introducing the latest collaboration with Mavo Studio

"Teddy Boy" was an iconic comic series which published 2,335 issues in 28 years, with more than 15 film adaptions under “Young & Dangerous" series, grossed more than 1 billion TWD box-office in total.

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A crypto-gallery exclusively for you, collect all exquisites now!

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NFT Charm Season 1

Collect and trade unique digital collectibles.

In the world where evil scammers and hackers strive, there's something you must keep in your wallet the whole time; a Charming-Crypto-Talisman-NFT. The mysterious oriental talisman that claims to expel evil intentions prowling into your top secret belongings. Withhold it or give it to your friends!

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I am Federico Scibilia (zzzibo), I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Milan. I graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in Product design. I don't like to define myself in a specific sector, I can define myself as a "creative", I love art, design, graphics, architecture, music and fashion.

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Collect and trade unique digital collectibles.

Gorgeous decoration and psychedelic style. My art works is mixed with Art Nouveau,Mixed media and New media art as Contemporary art.

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K49 is a graphic designer and a NFT artist. He draws creative inspiration from scenes in daily life or images that spontaneously come to mind. Specialized in using geometry to dissect, reconstruct art pieces to create all kinds of mystical symbols and experimental visuals.

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Post futurism

The (post-) future is composed of fragmented messages. We rely on all the knowns and unknowns to conjure up a parallel universe – an imaginary future that accommodates conflicting elements from both the old and the new world. Such universe is probably not going to exist, but it may one day become the new reality.

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聖人大盜 Selfer Cards


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