LootexDAO is now live!

LootexDAO is dedicated for $LOOT token holders, users can join the latest staking program, claim token rewards, and receive vesting tokens from Lootex’s partners and investors.

In the near future, there will be a leaderboard of LOOT token contributors. $LOOT holders can also submit proposals and vote for Lootex's decisions.

Utilities and Benefits

$LOOT token is the utility and governance token of Lootex, which enables the gamers to explore more opportunities to participate, manage or trade in-game assets.   See more info about $LOOT

The Founder's Badge has awakened.

💜 The prestige purple : Heart of Freedom 💛 Gold: Heart of Bravery 🤍 Silver: Heart of Kindness

The prestige purple and gold badges are limited time offerings and not available anymore. The silver badge requires staking and locking LOOT token for a year. Batches of the silver badges will be airdropped toward the end of every month.

The Founder’s Badge

Freedom💜, Bravery💛, and Kindness🤍 – These are the three of the core value for Lootizens, and each of the heart represent one value. Visit Founder's Badge Store⟶

There are no items yet.

🚀 Lootex Badge 2021

For all Lootizens✨ See more Lootex Badges here⟶

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Previous Lootex Badges

Here you'll see the previous years' NFTs from Lootex badge series. 2019 - Privileged Explorer 2020 - Aye Aye Captain!

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