Lootex is a cross-chain game item shop for

the Metaverse that started in 2018.

Our Services

Gamer-focused Marketplace

A gamer-focused Marketplace for GameFi to set up their storefront, and for gamers to trade and showoff their collection.

INO Launchpad

An NFT launching service for INOs that guarantees exposures infront of ten of thousands of our users.

Enterprise Total Solution

An NFT total solution from A to Z, from technical solutions to marketing and distribution.

Core Features

Support Multi-chains

Powered by Non-custodial and Decentralized Smart Contracts

Support Over 200+ wallets

Various NFT formats and specs

The story of Lootex

Lootex is devoted to building a gamer-centric, in-game asset marketplace where players can easily browse and trade the most popular game assets.

Game developers and gamers alike can design and build their own branded stores to sell the rare items that they collect. If you are interested in GameFi, innovative games, or the Metaverse, Lootex is the place to be.

Backers and investors

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