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What is Lootex?

Our mission is to make people’s virtual assets real by helping digital creators to protect their works and by providing a trading platform powered by blockchain. Lootex frees the full value of digital creation, turning them into real world asset.

Good for WHOM?

For Collectors

Get true ownership of digital collectibles. Be free to show / buy / sell items in a simple & secure way.

For Creators

Easy to proof provenance and protect the rights. Get a share of the profits from each resale auction.

For Ecosystem

Build up a new business model to creators. Bring real value to digital creations.

What we DO?


Protocol for items on chain

• Mint, manage, and giveaway • Codeless and friendly UI • Programmable and batch minting • Redeemable solution • Supports GIF, Videos and 3D



Crypto wallet

• Login through email or phone number • Support multiple crypto wallet • Display your Digital Collectibles in a fancy way • 3D/AR mode



P2P trading platform

• Discover, share, and trade digital items • Zero platform service fee • Secure decentralized exchange • Support multiple kinds of cryptos


More about Business Program

We are experts on managing Digital Items (known as NFTs). Lootex has served business clients from software integration to channel sales. Do feel free to drop a message!

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